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The world is on a corporate spree. Newer corporations are mushrooming every other day at every corner of the world. India is left no behind. The opening of gates to increased FDI and the fledging of ‘Make in India’ project has made India a commercial hub for numerous MNCs. SMEs are seen bloom in the fertile corporate ecosystem. But to flourish and make a mark in such a cutthroat market, one needs a strong grasp over the financial section including the management of funds, mortgages, loans, equity and debt. To incorporate a strong financial planning in their systems, most corporations who cannot afford an in-house team go for industry experts and consultants.

Debt management consultancy has found its service and worth reaching heights in this age of commercial bloom and has sprung up in every major corporate city. These consultancies or even individual connoisseur consultants have been aiding the corporate companies big or small in understanding the otherwise complex mortgage, loans, equity and debt. They not only lend a hand in taking crucial decisions regarding debt and equity but also make sure the corporate clients do not end up being defaulters to the financial institutions. Debt management consultants have thus evolved as trusted partners and external decision makers for the companies.

The current edition of Consultants Review brings to you “25 Most Promising Debt Management Consultants”. The list features some of the most consummate consultants in the industry who are capable of steering their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond advisory level. The proposed list envisages to aid individuals and corporations to choose a felicitous consulting partner, who suits their manifested obligations and objectives and enable them to feat over the risks and threats in business and burgeon towards the epitome of opulence and prowess.